Implantology the digital way

Take advantage of digital insight for more predictable implant treatment. Computer guided surgery enables accurate, prosthetic driven implant planning and helps make implant cases accessible and profitable. for dental clinics and labs. Discover in this video how digital implantology can improve productivity and your patients’ experience by enabling fewer treatment visits and optimizing the patient treatment time.

The CBCT guided technique allows the virtual planning of oral Implant placement. With its help, many points can be assessed including bone thickness and density, implant angulation, proximity anatomical structures, and restorative and aesthetic concern. Using computer guided implant placement, the operator can also pre-assess the need for bone augmentation procedures.

Each case is planned and designed buy a Certified Dental Technician – Master Dental Technician who has years of experience in both analog and digital implantology. Knowledge, experience and communication are the keys to successful implant design.

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ADA Code: D6190 Radiographic/surgical implant index, by report

Hybrid Implant Bridge

A Hybrid Implant Bridge utilize a screw retained fixed design function. This restoration combines a CAD/CAM p


recision milled titanium bar incorporated in acrylic with premium teeth. A hybrid bridge is an implant supported system. This is c

ommonly used to permanently retain dentures utilizing implants as a type of anchor for retention and stability. Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture are extremely durable and precise fitting. Only the doctor can remove this restoration as it is screwed into the implants.


CAD/CAM precision milled titanium substructure
High Impact Acrylic / Fixed Denture
Durable and Esthetic
Precise and Accurate Fit
Improves speech and chewing functions


Full arch prothesis for edentulous patients
Minimum of 4 implants
Patients who have moderate to severe ridge resorption


Implants are more than 2mm subgingival (intermediate abutment can be used)
Screw access holes that are too far facial
Angle correction greater than 10 degrees

ADA Insurance Codes

D6114 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Edentulous Arch – Maxillary
D6115 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Edentulous Arch – Mandibular

Implant Bar Overdentures

Our Bar Overdentures are fabricated by using CAD/CAM precision milled titanium bars or cast metal hader bars using attachments. The advantage with Bar Overdentures is even occlusal load weight distribution across all implants. Bar Overdentures are ideal for patients with a heavy bite or in instances when the implants have been placed in softer bone. Patients have less or no sore spots with implant retained Overdentures.


Patients will have less or no sore spots with implant retained Overdentures
Bars are precision milled using surgical grade titanium for exacting fit, extreme durability, and are light weight
They are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology with predictable results
Available for a wide variety of implant systems
Improves denture retention, function and speech


Adequate ridge and prosethesis will be tissue-borne with the implants providing retention
Patients with a heavy bite and when implants have been placed in the softer bone.


Patients in a poor general state of health or with medical problems such as; uncontrolled bleeding disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, weakened immune system, titanium allergy or uncontrollable endocrine disorders

ADA Insurance Codes

D6055 Connecting Bar – Implant Supported or Abutment Supported (Utilized to stabilize and anchor a prosthesis)

Implant Overdentures

Attachment retained implant overdentures utilize freestanding stud type attachments to provide additional retention and stability. Locator®(Stud Retained) Overdentures are ideal for patients seeking a more secure prosthesis that enhance retention, function, and speech. Attachments such as Locator®, ERA®, and O-Ring ball attachments and the most popular systems used for Implant overdentures. Durability and retention are further enhanced by adding a Co/Cr substructure to every overdenture that we create. The final results will be greater patient satisfaction and require less doctor chair time for post treatment adjustments.

Key Features

Complete solution in one package: Implant supported bar and denture complete.Bars that are precision milled on a 5 axis CMC machine, design for accurate passive fit. Overdenture that is reinforced with Co/Cr

Indications for Use

Bar-retained prosthesis needs at least 15 mm to 17 mm of crown height space (depends on the type of attachment).
Minimum Height of 8 mm from the bar/attachment to the incisal edge.


If the distance from the implant platform to the occlusal table is less than 15 mm, then the prosthetic material indicated is porcelain-fused-to-metal.

ADA Insurance Codes

D6114 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Edentulous Arch – Maxillary
D6115 Implant/Abutment Supported Fixed Denture for Edentulous Arch – Mandibular

Implant Abutments

Ezcad provides you with many choices for implant abutments, beginning with generic or authentic components. Authentic components are used in our premium implant line and generic components are used in our standard line. The choice Is yours!

We offer stock implant abutments, custom hybrid abutments, custom milled titanium abutments and zirconia abutments matched with a complete line of restorative options to meet your patient’s needs. We are trained and capable in all major implant systems including NobelProcera™, ZIMMER BIOMET 3i™ BioHorizons® and Straumann® Dentsply Sirona™. We also see many cases from Cortex™, Hi-Tec™, and MIS® implant systems.

Our flat rate abutment & crown price packaging ensures accurate pricing for predictable profitability with every case. First choose Authentic or Generic components, then simply prescribe your specific abutment type and crown combination and we’ll return each case to you with our predictable flat rate pricing. Our complete price packages include soft tissue model, abutment and final screw, abutment placement jig as needed, along with your restoration of choice. Analogs are not included the package price as many of our clients supply them with each case.

ADA Insurance Codes

D6056 Prefabricated abutment – A connection to an implant that is a manufactured component usually made of machined high noble metal, titanium, titanium alloy or ceramic. Modification of a prefabricated abutment may be necessary, and is accomplished by altering its shape using dental burs/diamonds.
D6057 Custom abutment – A connection to an implant that is a fabricated component, usually by a laboratory, specific for an individual application. A custom abutment is typically fabricated using a casting process and usually is made of noble or high noble metal. A “UCLA” abutment is an example of this type abutment.